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Aesthetic Dentistry

30Aug 2021

Aesthetic dentistry is the simultaneous application of technical and artistic skills that enables a practitioner to achieve outstanding aesthetic and functional results. It is one of the most popular and fulfilling dental fields. Growing patient demands to make one’s mouth and teeth more beautiful or pleasing in appearance. have increased the need for dentists to improve their knowledge and skills in sound restorative options that result in natural-looking rehabilitated dentitions.

Aesthetic Dentistry uses methods available in modern dentistry to give you a more natural, healthy look. We at Dentalkrafts, provide comprehensive solutions for our patient’s oral health needs. Believing in the importance of listening to our patients, we take the time to truly understand each person’s needs, goals, and lifestyle. We use techniques like regular cleanings, root canal removal, and the restoration of teeth with fillings or bridges to make your teeth look normal and healthy in a natural way. The goal is to give you healthy teeth that function properly so that they can improve your appearance, enhance your smile, help you eat and talk normally.


What is the difference between cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry?

The end goal is one of the biggest differences between cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry. Aesthetic Dentistry uses methods available in modern dentistry to give you a more natural, healthy look while cosmetic dentistry uses more advanced and invasive methods to make your teeth bright and picture-perfect.

Why should I go for aesthetic dentistry?

Though it being expensive it has several benefits. Good teeth can boost your self-confidence as you will not be insecure about your teeth and smile while speaking to others. Secondly, it could lead to improvement in speech. Missing or poorly aligned teeth may result in speaking with a list or other speech impediments. After correcting these flaws with aesthetic dentistry, many patients report that their speech is improved. Aesthetic dentistry improves your overall oral health because with straight and evenly aligned teeth it becomes easier to clean and care for your teeth.

What common dental problems are suitable for aesthetic dentistry?

There are multiple reasons why someone may want to go for aesthetic dentistry. These procedures are teeth whitening, dental implants, dental bonding, veneers, and many more

What are the costs for these procedures?

For people who are looking for aesthetic dentistry procedures the foremost question in their minds would be “How much would it cost me?”. Rates depend on the procedure that you want and the complexity of the procedure and also vary from dentist to dentist. There are expensive ones and there are some that are suited for those with a limited budget. Most of the procedures turn out to be a bit costly but people are often judged by their first impression so it is worth it.

Will my insurance cover my treatment?

Whether or not your insurance covers these procedures is a function of what treatment you’re getting and what your individual company’s policy is. Though some of the procedures are covered by certain insurance plans, not all will be.

Insurance plans usually focus on procedures that are deemed medically necessary. Since these procedures are enhancements to the way your teeth appear that is, they confer no medical benefit aside from the improved look of the teeth they may not be covered.

Surgical Implants

Dental implants replace damaged or missing teeth

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